How We Can Help

Our Passion is helping People and Companies achieve their greatest Potential.

Helping People

Working in the construction industry has never been more rewarding or more challenging than it is today! We meet people every day in the industry who describe themselves as either burnt out, stagnate in their career, or disenfranchised with their current organization. If you believe you may fall into one of these categories, we can help.

Our team of experienced professionals freely shares their knowledge to provide personalized career coaching and guidance. If you are looking for a new opportunity, we will partner with you to find the best fit for your future.

Helping Companies

Any company operating in the construction industry knows full well that “cash is king”. A longtime friend and retired finance executive from the Stone and Webster days once said, “I’ve never seen a construction company go out of business for lack of work. They always go out of business for lack of cash.” Many things can impact a company’s cash flow, but they can almost always be tied back to three primary causes:

  1. Cost Overruns
  2. Operational Breakdowns
  3. Human Capital Challenges

At Inflection Point, our network of experienced construction professionals can help you address the multitude of challenges your organization may be faced with today. We devise custom solutions for our clients to help address everything from Operational Inefficiencies to struggles with Human Capital.